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TAMS Studies is one of the well-known educational groups of India and has an international presence as well.

Sunil Chaudhary founded TAMS Studies when he was working as a lead implementation analyst in Mercer in Gurgaon.

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First real centre was opened at Naada Pul, Naada, Aligarh-Palwal Road, Aligarh, 202001

People know TAMS Studies as the Best English Language Academy since then in Aligarh.

Common English Mistakes You MakeTAMS Studies committed to providing the world class education to all aligarians in a comprehensive way.

Our Official website is www.tamsstudies.com.

In 2016, in the month of July, on the 9th day, we opened our another Centre Point at Samad Road, Centre Point, Aligarh, 202001.

TAMS Studies is giving the best English Language in Aligarh at very cheap Rates.

New Fee Structure Effective 1st July 2017 is as follows:

  • Spoken English Complete 4000
  • Spoken English Lifetime 6000
  • Basic to Advanced English Complete 8000
  • Basic to Advanced English Lifetime 12000
  • IELTS Complete 10500
  • IELTS + Basic Grammar 12500
Best English Speaking Course in Aligarh
Best English Language Classes At TAMS Studies in Aligarh

Sunil Chaudhary got all the success in his life just because of good English Langauge and so he wanted to make people of Aligarh learn good English.

There are many Types of Batches at TAMS Studies at Aligarh Centre. We have separate Batches for Beginners. Beginners find it easy and fun to learn English with Suniltams. For beginners, we have

Beginners find it easy and fun to learn English with Suniltams.

For beginners, we have research-based content which they easily absorb and understand.

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IELTS Preparation in Aligarh at TAMS Studies

After Beginners, we have dedicated content and curriculum for Intermediate or Middle English Students.

Now, in the intermediate syllabus, these students get to know moderately complex sentences and structures of the English language.

At TAMS Studies, we make sure that all our students understand what we are teaching them.

Be Ready for the Corporate World, Learn English and Computer and Tools
TAMS Studies English Language Academy in Aligarh

TAMS Studies has Adaptable Methods to make 100% learning for all the students.

We are a world class coaching institute in Aligarh. You can count it as the best coaching center in Aligarh as far as the English Language is concerned.

As per our survey, most of the English Speaking Institutes in India are just fooling people in the name of English and do not have adequate learning or content to deliver.अंग्रेजी बोलना क्यूँ सीखें - एक चर्चा - Why Should We Learn to #Speak_English - A Discussion Please #Subscribe and Click #Bell to Get #Notifications and Please do not forget to #Share Suniltams - English Guru Aligarh, TAMS Studies, World Class Spoken English in Aligarh https://youtu.be/dn3maoScW3s Learn English Online www.englishgrammarian.com Write to me at Suniltams@gmail.com

TAMS Studies

English Speaking Courses are available from many of the coaching centers. But they forget one thing that if they do not give what is required, the candidate will suffer for a lifetime or will have to learn again from the scratch.

We offer Best English Langauge and Best English Speaking Course in Aligarh.

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Collocations in English Langauge

English Speaking Course in Aligarh

Spoken English is one of the major factors which will make you successful or a failure in the corporate world or at an international platform.

If you have good knowledge of Spoken English, you can easily go places and can easily climb the ladder of success.

Spoken English in Aligarh is available at TAMS Studies.

Spoken English in Aligarh

Now, do not worry and stop searching for Best Coaching for English Speaking in Aligarh. At our center, your search comes to an end.Use of Ago For and Since Basic English Grammar

Best Coaching for English Speaking in Aligarh

While, we say that when you are learning to speak English, do not focus on Grammar as it will hinder your spoken English. Just keep absorbing the sentence structure and practice and practice more.

However, grammar plays a critical part in your English Language Learning Journey.

We at TAMS Studies, give Complete Grammar Lessons. Basic Grammar in Aligarh is missing. We will give you everything related to English grammar from the very scratch.

So that you do not miss on anything and feel like an expert of the English Langauge.

We provide Complete Grammar Knowledge from Basic to Advanced in a very easy and practical way.

58 More Idioms You Can Use-Common English Idioms-English Proverbs
Common English Idioms

Basic Grammar in Aligarh

We make sure that you attempt a good number of example sentences. This is going to give you the much-required base of the English Language.

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Below Allahabad Bank, Samad Road, Centre Point, Aligarh, 202001

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