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How To Build A Successful Team – Suniltams Motivation Guru

How to build a great team,

Hello Friends,

I know while you are trying to make a new team for your dream business, you must be facing a lot of challenges. 

Dear Friends, hurdles, and difficulties are very vital for your business. As challenges and problems are the only things which make us strong and successful.

I have brought some great tips which will help you build a great team. This team will be very productive and helpful for your business’ success.

There is some repetition in the tips which I have done intentionally to make you remember them. Keep Smiling and Build a Nice Team.

Tips to Build a Great Team

  • Treat Everyone with Respect and Gratitude.
  • Do not be a manager – Be a Leader.
  • A leader is the one who knows the way goes the way and shows the way.
  • Feel and Think in a very respectful manner.
  • Treat Chairman and Servant with Equal Feelings.
  • Our Behaviour depends on our thoughts.
  • Our feeling, thinking, and thoughts are important.
  • Build a relationship with the team.
  • The team should come to us for help without any hesitation.
  • Trust should be there.
  • High Trust High Values – Tension goes down.
  • Strong Relationship of respect.
  • Cost of business is low with high respect and trust.
  • Good Relationship saves time and money and efforts as well.
  • Respectful vision to everyone
  • Successful Leader makes more than a successful manager
  • Find out a good in everyone.
  • Motivate them.
  • Make them feel great.
  • Andrew Carnegie – I am always do mining – I am mining my team – my mining is finding the real individual.
  • Do not get discouraged by dirt – Because diamonds are found in real dirt.
  • Lotus develops in a dirt.
  • Wait for the real mineral which actually comes out.
  • Focus on the positive things
  • See complaint as an opportunity.
  • A complaining customer is far better than a happy customer. so is the case with employees.

Please let me know your thoughts and effect of these tips by emailing me at suniltams@gmail.com or write in the comments below.