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Question: What is a palace?

Answer: Palace is a Place where Royal People Live and Stay. We can say that the residence of Kings or sovereign people is called a Palace.

As Per Online Resources:

The official residence of a sovereign, archbishop, bishop, or other exalted people.

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Example Sentences of Palace:

  • Members of the royal family have been known to enjoy the park when they are in residence at the palace.
  • Only a few years earlier, what was to become a palace of theatricals was more or less redundant.
  • The palace did bring entertainment to south east London but not generally for the masses.
  • the royal palace
  • The Ministry of Works had also become involved with the case as the building affected views from the royal parks and palaces.
  • However, they sussed out better cuisine and enjoyed their tours of the famous Hermitage and royal palaces.
  • The monarchy expresses itself physically through the palaces and other residences of the royal family.
  • Jobs are no longer guaranteed, even for the educated middle classes, and there is poverty right next to the opulent palaces of the rulers.
  • Surrounding the sacred precinct were the palaces of the rulers.
  • It includes military barracks, an avenue of sphinxes and royal palaces.
A large house that is the official home of a king, queen, or another person of high social rank.